• Flush toilets are a luxury in a country struggling with water shortages. Outside midrange and top-end hotels and restaurants, toilets are mostly of the squat variety.
  • Squat toilets feature a tap, hose or container of water for sluicing – the idea being to wash yourself (with your left hand) after performing.
  • There’s often no toilet paper (papier hygiénique) so keep a supply with you.
  • Don’t throw the paper into the toilet as the plumbing is often dodgy; instead discard it in the bin provided.
  • Women will need to take along a plastic bag for disposing of tampons and pads.
  • Public toilets are rare outside the major cities.
  • If you find a public toilet, you’ll need to bring a tip for the attendant, stout-soled shoes, and very often a nose clip.