For a list of Moroccan newspapers online, visit

  • A good English-language news website is Morocco World News (
  • French-language dailies include the semi-official Le Matin (, and the opposition Libération (, L’Opinion ( and Al-Bayane. The weekly Telquel ( magazine is an excellent news source.
  • Major European, British and American papers (or their foreign editions) and magazines are available in most of the main cities.

Most Moroccan radio stations broadcast in Arabic or French on AM or FM.

  • Broadcasting across North Africa and Europe from Tangier, Maghrebi affairs and music station Médi 1 is available via radio (105.3MHz in Marrakesh and 95.3 or 101 in Tangier) and
  • State-run SNRT ( has regional and national stations, including the urban Chaine Inter, available via radio (98.8MHz in Marrakesh and 90MHz in Casablanca) and
  • Satellite dishes are everywhere, and pick up foreign stations.
  • The major TV station, 2M, is partly state-owned and broadcasts in languages including Arabic and French via satellite, analogue and
  • Médi 1’s news and current-affairs broadcasts are available via satellite and
  • Moroccan DVDs share region 5 with much of Africa and Asia (North America is region 1, Europe is mostly region 2 and Australia is region 4).