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CTM has an office in the centre of town. It runs one bus a day at 8pm to Meknes/Fez (Dh150/160, eight to nine hours) via Erfoud (Dh20, 30 minutes) and Errachidia (Dh35, 1¾ hours).

Supratours runs an evening service to Meknes (Dh140) and Fez (Dh140) via Errachidia(Dh40), a morning service to Marrakesh (Dh190, 12 hours) and an early morning and evening service to Merzouga (Dh30, 30 minutes).

Local buses leave from the central bus station, 400m north of the square on the road to Erfoud. There are services to Fez (Dh140, 13 hours) via Meknes (Dh110, nine hours) and to Marrakesh (Dh190, 10 hours). Buses run occasionally to Tinerhir (Dh40, six hours); check at the station for departures. There are six buses a day to Errachidia (Dh30, two hours) via Erfoud.


Grands taxis run frequently from opposite Hôtel Sijilmassa to Erfoud (Dh10), Errachidia (Dh30), Tinerhir (Dh75), Merzouga (Dh20) and occasionally Taouz (Dh30).