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Arts & Crafts in Chefchaouen

Ensemble Artisanat

Chefchaouen is an excellent place to shop for woven rugs and blankets. Most of the weaving nowadays is done with wool, one of the area's biggest products. It's worth stopping at the Ensemble Artisinat, if only for t…
Arts & Crafts in Tetouan

Dar Lebadi

The shopping palace of the medina, this 200-year-old building, a former governor’s house, has been meticulously restored. It is a clearing house for Berber artisans and Rabati carpets, and has friendly staff. Worth …
Arts & Crafts in Tetouan

Ensemble Artisanat

This government-sponsored emporium is a hive of activity, with carpet weavers, leatherworkers, jewellers and woodworkers all plying their trades. Prices are fixed.
Arts & Crafts in Tetouan


Tetouan has traditionally been a leather-producing town, and there is a small tannery here. They're smaller than the tanneries at Fez, but still interesting, and there are leather shops in the vicinity.
Drinks in Al Hoceima


For alcohol try Bougamar, the local liquor store, where bottles are dispensed from behind the counter pharmacy-style.
Market in Al Hoceima


Produce market.