Cosmetics in Chefchaouen

La Botica de la Abuela Aladdin

Welcome to Chefchaouen's store of witchcraft and wizardry, where natural soaps and spices dangle from the ceiling like potions and elixirs at Hogwarts. The three-decade-old shop gets packed with customers mining...

Fashion & Accessories in Chefchaouen

Boutique Terrae

The tiny boutique below Dar Terrae stands out from the rest of Chefchaouen's bazaar-style shops, offering unique bags, charming bracelets, cute notebooks and fashionable summer shirts. Many of the items are made...

Arts & Crafts in Chefchaouen

Ensemble Artisanat

This place houses some of Chefchaouen's best artisans, selected by their peers. Poke your head into each room around the central courtyard to watch the creators hard at work on their craft.

Textiles in Chefchaouen

L'Art De L'Artisanat Berbère

This cooperative lined wall-to-wall-to-wall with rugs and blankets may be a challenge to find down an alley near Bab El Ain, but it's worth the hunt. The not-so-pushy salesmen are a treat compared to what you...

Arts & Crafts in Tetouan

Dar Lebadi

The shopping palace of the medina, this 200-year-old building, a former governor’s house, has been meticulously restored. It is a clearing house for Berber artisans and Rabati carpets, and has friendly staff....

Arts & Crafts in Tetouan

Ensemble Artisanat

This government-sponsored emporium is a hive of activity, with carpet weavers, leatherworkers, jewellers and woodworkers all plying their trades. Prices are fixed.

Market in Al Hoceima


Stock up on produce, spices, dates and other snacks at Al Hoceima's bustling street market. Fish is freshest in the mornings.