Top Choice Moroccan in Essaouira

Riad Al-Baraka

Set in a former Jewish school, this hip place has several dining rooms and a bar set around a large courtyard shaded by a huge fig tree. The food is mainly Moroccan with some Middle Eastern and Jewish influences, th…
Moroccan in Essaouira

Restaurante Les Alizés

This popular place, run by a charming Moroccan couple in a 19th-century house, has delicious Moroccan dishes, particularly the couscous with fish and the tajine of boulettes de sardines (sardine balls). You’ll get a…
Moroccan in Essaouira

Restaurant Ferdaous

A delightful Moroccan restaurant, and one of the few places in town that serves real, home-cooked, traditional Moroccan food. The seasonal menu offers an innovative take on traditional recipes, the service is very f…
Moroccan in Aït Benhaddou

Auberge Cafe-Restaurant Bilal

For lunch or tea with a view, pull up a patio chair and gaze at Aït Benhaddou across the way. À la carte options include omelettes (Dh35), couscous (Dh50), and kebabs (Dh60).
Moroccan in Aït Benhaddou

Chez Brahim

Sure, there are other tajines in town, but only Brahim’s improve international relations: the chef/owner has a letter from Hilary Rodham Clinton thanking him for a meal in her First Lady days. The set menu includes …
Moroccan in Essaouira

La Licorne

This is a cosy place with a most un-Essaouiran feel – wooden beams and heavy chairs give it the ambience of a hunting lodge. A no-nonsense, standard Moroccan menu of tajines is served up by friendly staff.
Moroccan in Zagora

Hôtel-Restaurant la Rose des Sables

Join off-duty desert guides unwinding over tasty beef and chicken tajines.
Moroccan in Marrakesh


Moroccan in Essaouira

Snack Stands

Moroccan in Essaouira

Restaurant La Découverte

A small, friendly French-run restaurant, offering a mix of Franco-Moroccan dishes. The briouates (stuffed filo pastry rolls) are particularly good, as are the creamy desserts.