Gardens in Rabat

Andalusian Gardens

These gardens, laid out by the French during the colonial period, occupy the grounds of Kasbah des Oudaias and make a wonderful shady retreat.
Historic Site in Rabat


Abandoned, crumbling and overgrown, the old Roman city of Sala Colonia and the Merenid necropolis of Chellah is one of Rabat’s most evocative sights. The Phoenicians were the first to settle on the grassy slopes abo…
Gallery in Rabat

Galérie d'Art Nouiga

Galérie d'Art Nouiga is an art gallery nestled amongst some tourist shops in the oldest part of the city.
Religious Site in Rabat

Grande Mosquée

This mosque, a 14th-century Merenid original much rebuilt in the intervening years, is just down the road from the Souq as-Sebbat on the right hand side.
Kasbah in Rabat

Kasbah les Oudaias

This occupies the oldest part of the city, the site of the original ribat, and commands powerful views over the river and ocean from its cliff-top perch. The kasbah is predominately residential and the narrow street…
Historic Site in Rabat

Le Tour Hassan

Towering above Oued Bou Regreg, and surrounded by well-tended gardens, is Rabat’s most famous landmark. The Almohads’ most ambitious project would have been the second-largest mosque of its time, after Samarra in Ir…
Landmark in Rabat

Mausoleum of Mohammed V

Near the Hassan Tower stands this marble mausoleum, built in traditional Moroccan style. The present king’s father (the late Hassan II) and grandfather have been laid to rest here. The decoration, despite the patter…
Museum in Rabat

Musée des Oudaias

The Kasbah des Oudaias, itself is a grand 17th-century affair built by Moulay Ismail, now houses the Musée des Oudaia - the national jewellery museum with a beautifully displayed and fascinating collection of prehis…
Tower in Rabat

Plateforme du Sémaphore

Opening out at the end of a street is a wide grassy area where the provides an incredible vista over the estuary and across to Salé. The elevated position provided an excellent defence against seagoing attackers neg…
Souq in Rabat

Souq as-Sebbat

This place specialises in gaudy gold and begins roughly at Rue Bab Chellah.