Rabat attractions

Area in Rabat

Rabat Medina

When the French arrived in the early 20th century, this walled medina by the sea was the full extent of the city. Built on an orderly grid in the 17th century, it is small enough to be easily explored in half a day,…
Historic Site in Rabat


The Phoenicians were the first to settle on this sloping site above the Bou Regreg river, and the Romans took control in about 40 CE, renaming the settlement Sala Colonia. Scattered stones from their city remain, bu…
Fortress in Rabat

Kasbah Les Oudaias

Rabat's historic citadel occupies the site of the original ribat (fortress-monastery) that gave the city its name. Predominately residential, its narrow streets are lined with whitewashed houses – most of which were…
Museum in Rabat

Musée Mohammed VI Art Moderne et Contemporain

Looking more like a shopping mall than an art gallery, this institution was conceived and funded by the present king and opened in 2014. Billed as the first national museum of modern and contemporary art in the coun…
Museum in Rabat

Archaeology Museum

Closed for a major renovation at the time of research, this archaeological museum has traditionally been home to a particularly wonderful collection of ceramics, statuary and other artefacts from the Roman settlemen…
Museum in Rabat

Musée de Bank Al Maghrib

Numismatists will be in seventh heaven when visiting this well-curated and -presented museum. It offers an unexpectedly interesting tour of Moroccan history through currency, from the Roman period to today. There's …
Historic Site in Rabat

Le Tour Hassan

Towering above the Bou Regreg estuary and surrounded by well-tended gardens, this 44m tower is Rabat’s most prominent landmark. It was originally part of an ambitious Almohad project to build the world's second-larg…
Gate in Rabat

Bab Oudaia

The most dramatic entry to the kasbah is through the enormous Almohad gate of Bab Oudaia, built in 1195. Its location, facing the heart of the city and just outside the original palace, made it more ceremonial than …
Beach in Rabat

Plage des Nations

The clean, sandy strip of beach at Plage des Nations, 17km north of Rabat, gets some serious wave action that's good for surfers, but the currents can be dangerous for swimming.
Mausoleum in Rabat

Mausoleum of Mohammed V

The present king’s father (the late Hassan II) and grandfather were laid to rest in this marble mausoleum, which is decorated with patterned zellige (colourful geometric mosaic tiles) and carved plaster. Its carved …