Oujda restaurants

Top Choice Moroccan in Oujda

Restaurant Nacional

A Oujda institution where people queue for tables at lunchtime (there’s a big, packed salon upstairs). Salads are great, and waiters rush with plates of grilled meat, fried fish and tajines. Couscous is available on…
Cafe in Oujda

Café Pâtisserie Colombo

This vintage cafe has been a popular option on Oujda's main strip since the 1940s. Classy waiters in bow ties and brown suit jackets serve delicious pastries, excellent coffee, affordable breakfasts and stacked sund…
Cafe in Oujda


One of the best patisseries in town, L'Excellence specializes in local sweets; try a makrout (date-stuffed sweet), griwech (fried strips of dough in honey), kaâk (bagel-shaped sweet) or briwate (triangular puff past…
Health Food in Oujda


Wall-to-wall wooden crates, trendy CuiZine has a hefty menu of pizzas, loaded potatoes and Moroccan staples. It also has 'fitness' foods like jam-packed smoothies and 'hyper protein' meals that list the nutritional …
Seafood in Oujda

La Belle d'Orient

An excellent choice if you're in the mood for fish fresh from the coast. Sardines are grilled on the barbecue outside, there's a fish tajine and a platter of poisson friture (various fried fish). Pizzas are also ava…
Cafe in Oujda


One of a handful of modern black, glass and chrome cafes in Oujda, Trocadero has two floors and a pavement area. The food is good and the menu has more options than most: try the chicken florentina or risotto.
Cafe in Oujda


This modern cafe on the ground floor of a tall office building serves a variety of decent breakfasts, ice cream and baked goods. Like many Moroccan cafes, men seem to dominate the ground floor while women and famili…
French in Oujda

Restaurant Le Comme Chez Soi

This licensed restaurant is dimly lit with white tablecloths and checkered floors. Fish tanks indicate the speciality, but there are also good steaks and salads. There's no physical menu, so get the staff to recite …