Oujda attractions

Medina in Oujda


Oujda's medina is a great slice of tradition and modernity. It isn't large and appeals to local tastes, so don't expect to wade through touts selling carpets, lanterns and cushions. Most shops sell Moroccan clothing…
Park in Oujda

Parc Lalla Aicha

Designed in the 1930s by René Maître, the city's chief architect, this beautiful park lined with magnificent trees and bright flowers is worth a stroll. There's a swimming pool (summer only), a cafe, tennis and hors…
Mosque in Oujda

Grande Mosquée

Towering over Oujda's small medina, the oldest mosque in the city, known to followers as Lkebir Jamaa, was built when Merinid ruler Sultan Abou Youssef rebuilt Oujda in the 13th century. Unfortunately, it's difficul…
Landmark in Oujda

Clock Tower

Oujda's most recognizable landmark is the 1920s art-deco clock tower that overlooks Place 16 Août. The mosque next to it is arguably more impressive, however.
Notable Building in Oujda

Banque Al Maghrib

The blockish central bank just south of Place 16 Août was built during the French protectorate in the 1920s. It's constructed in the Franco-Moorish style.