Airport in Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate Airport

Two kilometres north of town is the Ouarzazate airport. There is no bus into town; taxis to/from the airport cost between Dh50 and Dh80 depending the time of day.
Bus in Ouarzazate

CTM Bus Station

The most convenient way to arrive is with CTM, as its station is bang in the centre of town near the post office.
Bus Station in Ouarzazate

Main Bus Station

The main local bus station is 1km northwest of the town centre off Ave Moulay Abdellah.
Car Rental in Ouarzazate

ESON Maroc

Reliable and much cheaper than the international agencies. Also has 4WDs.
Car Rental in Ouarzazate

Desert Evasion

Payment due upon receipt of keys. Also hires 4WDs.
Airline in Ouarzazate

Royal Air Maroc

Daily flights direct to Casablanca.
Taxi in Ouarzazate

Grand Taxi Stop

Located near the main bus station.
Tickets in Ouarzazate

Supratours Al Hizam

Sells Supratours bus tickets.
Car Rental in Ouarzazate


Child seats available.
Car Rental in Ouarzazate


Car rental.