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Arts & Crafts in Ouarzazate

Horizon Artisanat

Henna-painted pottery, hand-painted tea glasses, and silver filigree rings are sold at reasonable fixed prices, supporting Horizon’s programs to provide vocational training for adults with disabilities and integrate…
Arts & Crafts in Ouarzazate

Coopérative de Tissage

Inside the Complexe Artisanal, glimpse women artisans at work (Monday to Friday) on hanbels (pileless woven carpets) and embroidered straw mats, and take one home at posted fixed prices.
Arts & Crafts in Ouarzazate

Complexe Artisanal

Opposite the kasbah, this sprawling collection of state-run showrooms features elaborately woven tapestries, local stone carvings, inlaid daggers, metal lanterns and embroidered linens.