Checking flights...


Two kilometres north of town is the Ouarzazate airport. Royal Air Maroc has daily flights direct to Casablanca. Flights arriving in Ouarzazate from Casa tend to land inconveniently just before midnight when night fares apply to taxi services.

During the annual Haj pilgrimage and popular events such as the Marathon des Sables there are extra flights.


Supratours operates buses from Marrakesh (Dh80, 4½ hours, three daily) and one daily service to Zagora (Dh50, three hours), Er-Rachidia (Dh90, 5½ hours) and Merzouga (Dh140, eight hours). Supratours Al Hizam sells tickets, and the bus stops outside.

CTM buses also serve Marrakesh (Dh85, five to seven daily), Agadir (Dh140, 7½ hours, one daily), Er-Rachidia (Dh85, 5½ hours, one daily) and Zagora (Dh60, three hours, two to three daily). During local holidays and busy periods, book your tickets at least a day in advance. The CTM bus station is conveniently located bang in the centre of town, near the post office.

The main, local bus station is 1km northwest of the town centre off Ave Moulay Abdellah. Several buses a day leave from here to Marrakesh (Dh70, four to five hours), Boumalne Dades (Dh35), Taroudant (Dh80, five hours), Tazenakht (Dh25, three hours), Foum Zguid (Dh40, four hours), Tata (Dh80, five hours) and M’Hamid (Dh75, seven hours) via Zagora (Dh45, four hours).


For desert detours you might want to rent a car (from Dh350 per day); car hire with a driver runs Dh900 (car) to Dh1250 (4WD). There are dozens of agencies in town and international outfits such as Avis, Hertz, Budget and National all have booths at the airport, although they are more expensive than local operators. Other operators:

Desert Evasion Payment due upon receipt of keys. Has 4WDs.

ESON Maroc Reliable and much cheaper than the international agencies; also has 4WDs.


Grands taxis leave from outside the main bus station to Agdz (Dh40), Boumalne Dades (Dh65), Marrakesh (Dh80 to Dh110), Skoura (Dh25 to Dh30), Tinerhir (Dh80) and Zagora (Dh40 to Dh60).