Ouarzazate has a respectable dining scene with a few good restaurants worth venturing out of your hotel to visit. For quick eats the cafes that line Place al-Mouahidine are a good bet. Fresh cheese, meat and vegetables can be found at the daily central souq.

Don't Miss: La Kasbah des Sables

Putting Ouarzazate’s film credentials to good use, there is little about La Kasbah des Sables that won’t leave you slack-jawed. The 5km journey west of Ouarzazate to the old neighbourhood of Al Kdif is a suitable adventure to whet your appetite for the Arabian Nights spectacle within.

Housed behind the walls of an old Glaoui Kasbah, this 900-sq-metre restaurant is the creation of Brigitte Babolat, who conceived an extraordinary medley of art-filled lounges and nooks arranged around patios hung with grand cut-brass chandeliers dangling like oversized Christmas baubles. The centerpiece is an enormous shallow pool backed by a wall of jewel-coloured lights and surrounded by romantic, candlelit tables where diners are served a mix of Moroccan and French dishes such as barbot and saffron or chicken with Atlas morels. Afterwards, recline in cushion-lined cubbyholes filled with objets d’art crafted in Ouarzazate and Marrakesh. In the morning you’ll have to shake yourself and wonder if you didn’t dream the whole experience.