Oualidia restaurants

Seafood in Oualidia

La Sultana

Even if you can't stay in this luxury hotel, you should consider enjoying a leisurely lunch at its terrace restaurant on the edge of the lagoon. It specialises in fresh shellfish, which is kept in high-tech tanks an…
Seafood in Oualidia

Ostréa II

Oualidia is famous for its oyster beds, which produce about 200 tonnes of oysters annually, and this restaurant attached to an oyster farm is a great place to slurp some bivalves. These come in three grades, with th…
Seafood in Oualidia

L’Araignée Gourmande

The town's best-known restaurant has lost its mojo in recent years – standards of service and food have dropped. That said, it's still a reasonable option if you order simply. No alcohol. The attached hotel isn't re…