Birdwatching on the Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic Coast attracts hundreds of species of migrating birds and is known to aficionados the word over as prime birdwatching territory. The wild and blustery coastline is dotted with marshlands, salt pans and lagoons that offer birds shelter and abundant sustenance on their migrations between Europe and Africa in spring and autumn.

Merja Zerga National Park, near Moulay Bousselham, north of Rabat, is known for its birdlife, as are the lagoons in Oualidia and Sidi Moussa, south of Casablanca. Regularly spotted species include herons, flamingos, ibises, the African marsh owl, spoonbills, plovers, egrets, slender-billed and Audouin’s gulls, shelducks, teals, terns, marsh harriers, avocets, stilts, godwits, storks and peregrine falcons. Shearwaters are often seen on the ocean reefs.