Historic Building in Asilah

Palais de Raissouli

Also known as the Palais de Culture (Palace of Culture) on the seaside of the medina, the palace was built in 1909 by Er-Raissouli and still stands as a testament to the sumptuous life he led at the height of his po…
Arts Centre in Around Rabat & Salé

Complexe des Potiers

The village of Oulja, 3km southeast of Salé, is home to the Complexe des Potiers, which produces a huge range of ceramics. The potters work at the back of the complex, bringing in clay from a rich seam in the surrou…
Gardens in Around Rabat & Salé

Jardins Exotiques

Created by French horticulturist Marcel François in 1951, these gardens were declared a Natural Heritage site in 2003 and reopened in 2005 after several years of restoration. They are divided into the Jardin Nature,…
Museum in Around Rabat & Salé

Musée Belghazi

The first museum in Morocco has a vast collection of traditional Andalucian, Jewish Moroccan and Islamic arts and crafts amassed by the Belghazi family.Displays include measuring instruments (one of the first Belgha…
Ruins in Lixus


Set on a hill overlooking the Loukkos Estuary are the Roman ruins of Lixus, a rather mysterious and neglected site that is one of the oldest inhabited places in the country. Only about a quarter of the ancient city …
Gallery in Asilah

Aplanos Gallery

Belgian painter Anne-Judith Van Loock created this gallery with her Moroccan husband Ahmed Benraadiya, where foreign and local artists can exhibit.
Gallery in Asilah

Galerie Hakim

Zaïlachi artist Hakim Ghaïlan started this space and exhibits mainly young Moroccan artists.
Gallery in Asilah

Centre de Hassan II Rencontres Internationales

The main exhibition space in town is just inside the medina walls. It’s in a beautiful medina house and displays a revolving exhibition of international painting and sculpture in its gallery, and at times, in the ne…
Mosque in Salé

Grande Mosquée & Medersa

Central to life in pious Salé and one of the oldest religious establishments in the country, the Grand Mosquée and medersa are superb examples of Merenid artistry. They were built in 1333 by Almohad Sultan Abou al-H…
Historic Site in Larache

Old Town

Perched on a cliff top overlooking the ocean is the ruin of the kasbah, a 16th-century fortress built by the Portuguese and closed to visitors as it is now in a state of serious disrepair. Head south from here to th…