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Money and costs

Dirhams (MAD)
Exchange Rates
Rates provided by Open Exchange Rates. Last updated September 01, 2019 5:08AM UTC
Daily Costs
Budget (up to)
  • Basic double room with shared bathroom: from Dh50
  • Soup or sandwich: Dh4–30
  • Four-hour local bus trip: Dh60
  • Admission to sights: Dh10–50
  • Hotel room: Dh400–800
  • Dinner main: Dh70–150
Top end (more than)
  • Car hire: Dh300
  • Day tour: Dh300
  • Double in a city riad: from Dh1000

ATMS are widely available. Credit cards are accepted in most midrange hotels and above, and at top-end restaurants.


Tipping is an integral part of Moroccan life; almost any service can warrant a tip. Baksheesh, frequently taken to mean a bribe, generally means money paid for a service rendered, and can include tipping. Don’t be railroaded, but the judicious distribution of a few dirham for a service willingly rendered can make your life a lot easier.

  • Baggage handlers Dh5

  • Cafe Dh2

  • Car-park attendants Dh3 to Dh5; Dh10 for overnight parking

  • Porters Dh10 to Dh20

  • Public-toilet attendants Dh1 to Dh2

  • Restaurant 10%