Gorge in Midelt

Gorges d’Aouli

A drive through this spectacular gorge, following the river along a badly degraded road from Midelt, is truly breathtaking. Past the first abandoned village of Mibladene, you'll eventually come to the eerie...

Moroccan in Midelt

Restaurant Adnane

The leafy corner terrace at Adnane is a perfect spot for watching the world go by while you wait for a delicious plateful of rotisserie chicken. Here it's served with bread and olives, lentils, fragrant rice,...

Moroccan in Midelt

Complexe Touristique Le Pin

There's a faint air of neglect hanging about this large cafe-restaurant site, but it still manages to draw in coach groups with its decent food, pleasant service and pleasant garden. The restaurant is at the back...

Moroccan in Midelt

Le Petit Jardin Café Restaurant

You can sit out the front and watch the traffic on the outskirts of town, or discover the pretty garden at the back. Abdelhai serves breakfast (Dh30) and the usual array of pizzas, tajines and brochettes.

Landmark in Midelt

Apple Statue

The lands around Midelt are apple-growing country, hence this oversized statue of an apple perched atop Midelt's main roundabout in the centre of town. It makes a good orientation point.