Midelt attractions

Arts Centre in Midelt

Kasbah Myriem

If you’re in the mood for carpets, this kasbah-styled workshop, about 1.5km west of town, is worth a look. It helps Berber women develop their embroidery and weaving. The workshop provides looms and materials, as we…
Monastery in Midelt

Kasbah Myriem Monastery

This monastery is home to a few Franciscan monks, and the grounds are an interesting place to wander. Ring the bell at the big wooden doorway next to the Kasbah Myriem carpet centre to gain entry.
Landmark in Midelt

Apple Statue

The lands around Midelt are apple-growing country, hence this oversized statue of an apple perched atop Midelt's main roundabout in the centre of town. It makes a good orientation point.