Melilla attractions

Top Choice Fort in Melilla

Melilla la Vieja

Perched over the Mediterranean, Melilla la Vieja is a prime example of the fortress strongholds that the Spaniards built along the Moroccan littoral during the 16th and 17th centuries. Much of it has been painstakin…
Top Choice Notable Building in Melilla

Palacio de Asamblea

Nieto’s art-deco Palacio de Asamblea, whose floor plan depicts a ducal crown, is an operating town hall, although the staff at the entrance are willing to show tourists around upon request. Worth seeing are two room…
Historic Building in Melilla

Las Cuevas del Conventico

These extensive and well-restored caves were used as a refuge during sieges, and pop out at a small beach below the cliffs. The Calle de la Concepción continues up to the baroque Iglesia de la Purísima Concepción an…
Landmark in Melilla

Plaza de España

Several fine examples of the city's heritage are on the Plaza de España, including Nieto’s Casino Militar, and the Banco de España. With its central fountain, the Plaza is a pleasant place to sit. At the centre is a…
Museum in Melilla

Museo Militar

Near the Iglesia de la Concepción, the Museo Militar is perched high over the Mediterranean. Its two small rooms are stuffed full of exhibits from the Spanish military in Melilla: regimental flags, medals, some grea…
Monument in Melilla

Statue Grande Libre

Melilla's role in modern Spanish history isn't forgotten. The Statue Grande Libre marks 7 July 1936, when Franco began the campaign against the government in Madrid. With a soldier and lion backed by a Fascist eagle…
Beach in Melilla

Playa de la Ensanada de los Galápagos

The secluded beach of Playa de la Ensanada de los Galápagos is reached by taking a tunnel under Melilla's fortress. The beach is in a cove surrounded by cliffs and the fort walls, and is open May to September (with …
Park in Melilla

Parque Hernández

From the Plaza, take a pleasant stroll down the long, palm-lined Parque Hernández. At the end, turn left down Calle Sotomayor. Plaza de Toros, the only operating bull ring in Africa, lies straight ahead.
Museum in Melilla

Museo Etnográfico de la Culturas Amazigh & Sefardí

This charming newly opened museum charts the history of the Amazigh (Berber) and Sephardic (Jewish) cultures in Melilla, which have contributed to the enclave's rich multicultural mix.
Historic Building in Melilla

Aljibes de las Peñuelas

The small door across the courtyard leads into the cave-like, other-worldly cistern that is still flowing.