Meknes in detail

Getting Around


City buses ply the route between the medina and ville nouvelle. The most useful are bus 2 (Bab El Mansour to Blvd Allal Ben Abdallah, returning to the medina along Ave Mohammed V) and bus 7 (Bab El Mansour to the CTM bus station). Tickets are Dh2.50.


Urban grands taxis (silver-coloured Mercedes Benz with black roofs) link the ville nouvelle and the medina, charging Dh2.50 per seat. Pale-blue petits taxis cost Dh7 to Dh10 for the same journey. Both can be caught from Place El Hedim. In the medina, petits taxis also congregate where Rue Dar Smen intersects with Rue Rouamzine. In the ville nouvelle, you'll find them in a parking lot close to where Ave des Far intersects with Ave Mohammed V.

From Al Amir Abdelkader train station to the Bab El Mansour will cost Dh10 to Dh15 on the meter, but watch out because the station is prime territory for opportunists. You may have to walk away from the station to find a driver willing to take you on the meter.

A more touristy way to get around the medina is by calèche (horse-drawn carriage), available for hire in front of Bab El Mansour and just behind it, inside the Imperial City walls.