Tourist Information in Melilla

Oficina del Turismo

Lots of maps and brochures and friendly, English-speaking staff. Offers special tours of religious sites. Website contains a comprehensive history and architectural tour.
Travel Agency in Chefchaouen

Preference Voyages Agency

This extremely helpful travel agency has tourist information and organises mountain treks with registered guides. English-speaking.
Tourist Information in Al Hoceima

Délégation Provinciale de Tourisme

Staff here have good local knowledge and information about boat trips and the national park.
Tourist Information in Oujda

Delegation Provinciale du Tourisme

As usual, this is just an administrative office, but it does have a good map of the city.
Tourist Information in Ceuta

Main Tourist Office

Friendly and efficient tourist office, with good maps and brochures.
Pharmacy in Tetouan

Pharmacie El Feddan

Useful pharmacy between the Ensanche and the medina.
Tourist Information in Ceuta

Plaza de Africa Kiosk

A satellite branch of Ceuta's main tourist office.
Tourist Information in Melilla

Fundación Melilla Ciudad Monumental

Has in-depth information on local architecture.
Travel Agency in Melilla

Andalucía Travel

Sells plane and ferry tickets.
Travel Agency in Melilla

Viajes Melisur

Sells plane and ferry tickets.