Mediterranean Coast & the Rif Mountains in detail


Road Tripping from Tangier to Ceuta

The scenic road from Tangier to Ceuta is worth taking: green patchwork fields, alluring mountain roads, rolling hills, rocky headlands and good sandy beaches reveal a different side to Morocco.

The road begins at Cap Malabata, the headland opposite Tangier. There's a corniche with expensive apartments, a golf course and the large M'nar Park, a great place for children and with a restaurant that has views back towards Tangier.

There's no more development until Ksar Es Seghir, 25km further around the coast. This small fishing port, dominated by the remains of a Portuguese fort, has a yacht basin and a beach that's popular in summer. Just beyond you’ll spot Tanger Med, the massive container facility and ferry port, 48km from Tangier.

The great crag of Jebel Musa, one of the ancient Pillars of Hercule, rises up 10km or so further on, and views along the pretty mountain road are spectacular.