Marrakesh in detail


  • Photography Ask before taking a photo of locals.
  • Alcohol Don’t drink alcohol on the street or in public spaces.
  • Attire Men and women should cover knees and shoulders when in the medina.
  • Ramadan Don’t eat, drink or smoke in public during daylight hours.
  • Language It's helpful to learn basic greetings. A few words in Darija (Moroccan Arabic) will delight your hosts.
  • Bargaining Don’t skip pleasantries. Always say hello before asking for help or prices.
  • Affection Don't overtly display affection to your partner in public. Hand-holding is fine; kissing is not.

Moroccan Social Graces

Many visitors are surprised at how quickly friendships can be formed in Marrakesh, and are often a little suspicious. True, carpet dealers aren’t after your friendship when they offer you mint tea, but notice how Moroccans behave with one another, and you’ll see that friendly overtures are more than a mere contrivance.

People you meet in passing are likely to remember you and greet you warmly the next day, and it’s considered polite to stop and ask how they’re doing. Greetings among friends can last 10 minutes as each person enquires after the other’s happiness, wellbeing and family. Moroccans are generous with their time and extend courtesies that might seem to you like impositions, from walking you to your next destination to inviting you home for lunch. To show your appreciation, stop by the next day to say hello and be sure to compliment the cook.