Top Choice Palace in Riads Zitoun & Kasbah

Bahia Palace

Imagine what you could build with Morocco’s top artisans at your service for 14 years, and here you have it.The salons of both the petit riad and grand riad host intricate marquetry and zouak (painted wood) ceilings…
Top Choice Historic Site in Riads Zitoun & Kasbah

Saadian Tombs

Anyone who says you can’t take it with you hasn’t seen the Saadian Tombs, near the Kasbah Mosque. Saadian Sultan Ahmed Al Mansour Ed Dahbi spared no expense on his tomb, importing Italian Carrara marble and gilding …
Top Choice Museum in Riads Zitoun & Kasbah

Dar Si Said

A monument to Moroccan mâalems (master artisans), the residence of Bou Ahmed's brother Si Said is home to the Museum of Moroccan Arts. On display is a collection of granary doors, Tuareg leather bags, ceramics, embr…
Historic Site in Riads Zitoun & Kasbah

Badi Palace

As 16th-century sultan Ahmed Al Mansour was paving the Badi Palace with gold, turquoise and crystal, his court jester wisecracked, ‘It’ll make a beautiful ruin.’ That jester was no fool: 75 years later the place was…
Gardens in Riads Zitoun & Kasbah

Agdal Garden

Built in the 12th century by the founder of the Almohad Caliphate, Agdal was once the most important garden in Marrakesh. Encompassing a huge expanse along the southern edges of the walled Medina, orange, date, lemo…
Museum in Riads Zitoun & Kasbah

Maison Tiskiwin

Travel to Timbuktu and back again via Dutch anthropologist Bert Flint’s art collection, displayed at Maison Tiskiwin. Each room represents a caravan stop along the Sahara-to-Marrakesh route, presenting indigenous cr…
Synagogue in Riads Zitoun & Kasbah

Lazama Synagogue

In the mellah (Jewish quarter), the Lazama Synagogue is still used by Marrakesh's dwindling Jewish community. A nondescript door leads into a pretty blue-and-white courtyard with the synagogue on the right-hand side…
Cemetery in Riads Zitoun & Kasbah

Miaâra Jewish Cemetery

In this sprawling walled cemetery, the exceptionally helpful gatekeeper admits visitors who wish to pay their respects to whitewashed tombs topped with rocks for remembrance.
Mosque in Riads Zitoun & Kasbah

Kasbah Mosque

Built in 1190, the Kasbah Mosque is the main mosque for the southern end of the medina. If you were wondering what Marrakesh's famed Koutoubia Minaret would have looked like when it was covered in pink plaster, the …
Palace in Riads Zitoun & Kasbah

Royal Palace

The vast royal palace grounds are sometimes home to the current king and are closed to visitors.