Top things to do in M’Hamid

Top Choice Dunes in M’Hamid

Erg Chigaga

The star attraction is the misnamed Erg Chigaga, not a single dune (erg) but an awesome stretch of golden sand sea some 56km southwest of M'Hamid. It is the largest sand sea in Morocco, snaking along the horizon for…
Dunes in M’Hamid

Erg Ezahar

This tall 'screaming' dune set amid a sea of smaller dunes wails eerily when the wind kicks up. Located 65km southwest of M'Hamid, it takes three days to reach it by camel, passing an old marabout and the flat plain…
Dunes in M’Hamid

Erg Lehoudi

The most easily accessible dunes to M'Hamid are the 100m-high Erg Lihoudi, located 8km northeast of M'Hamid. Characterised by their white river sand because of their proximity to the Draa, they are frequented by a h…
Dunes in M’Hamid

El Mesouiria

Located just 8km northwest of M'Hamid, El Mesouiria is another possibility for an easy overnight camel trek. Dunes range between 60m and 80m in height and are characterised by their white sand and a smattering of ta…
Dunes in M’Hamid

Erg Esmar

Located close to Erg Ezahar, this collection of smaller dunes, rising to just 80m, are well off the main radar with no permanent camps. With its mixture of red and white dunes, it's particularly photogenic at sunset…
Market in M’Hamid

Monday Souq

You'll need to go early to this small Monday market, as by the heat of high noon it's largely finished. It's on your right as you enter town, opposite the water tower.
Museum in M’Hamid

Ethnographic Museum

Inside the Ksar Ouled Driss, 5km before M'Hamid, you'll find this small ethnographic museum displaying traditional household objects in a lovely mudbrick courtyard.