Larache attractions

Archaeological Site in Larache

Lixus Ruins

Set on a hill overlooking the Loukos Estuary, the Carthaginian and Roman ruins of Lixus are evocative reminders that settlements on this coast are among the oldest in the country. Megalithic stones found in the vici…
Area in Larache


Entered through the tile-glazed Bab Al Khemis, a delightful Hispano-Moorish structure, Larache's blue-and-white medina has changed little over the past century. Mostly residential, it is arranged around the large co…
Square in Larache

Place de la Libération

Built by the Spanish, who named it Plaza de España, this circular plaza near Larache's old medina is the town's focal point and the place where most locals congregate to meet up with friends and relax over a coffee …
Beach in Larache

Ras R'mel Beach

Larache has a small rubbish-strewn strip of sand below the town, but the best beach is across the Loukos Estuary, an 11km drive from the town centre. In summer, small boats ferry passengers across the estuary, from …
Gallery in Larache

Galerie Lafnar

This art gallery stages occasional exhibitions of work by local and international artists. The building itself is an old wheat funduq (ancient inn used by caravans) just off the Zoco de la Alcaiceria in the heart of…
Landmark in Larache

Jean Genet’s Grave

To the west of town, the old Spanish cemetery is the final resting place of French writer Jean Genet (1910–86). If the gate is locked, ring the bell for the caretaker. A small tip is expected for showing you to the …
Notable Building in Larache

Music Conservatory

A wonderful example of Hispano-Moorish architecture, the town's crenellated music conservatory features ornately decorated balconies and a minaret-style clock tower. It is closed to the public.
Church in Larache

Iglesia de Nuestra Senõra del Pilar

This handsome 1920s church opposite the Hotel de Ville (Town Hall) was built by the Spanish and still hosts mass every Sunday morning.
Landmark in Larache

Bab Al Khemis

This large tile-glazed Hispano-Moorish arch on Place de la Libération leads into the main marketplace of the medina.
Viewpoint in Larache


Offering views over the port and estuary, this lookout is a popular local meeting and relaxation spot.