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1 Day Trip To Chefchaouen From Fez

Day trip / excursion to Chefchaouen & Rif MountainsAfter breakfast in your Riad or hotel, we will drive north to explore an extremely different culture and lifestyle from Fes. Chechaouen is nestled at the feet of the Rif Mountains by which the name Chaouen “horns” has been adopted because of the shape at the top of the mountains; it was founded in 1471 as a small fortress by Moulay Ali Ben Moussa who is a direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed. Chefchaouen fell under Spanish occupation and was emancipated in 1956.It's known as "blue city" for its traditional buildings. Enjoy a walk to explore the white and blue washed walls of the medina and the markets that offer some unique native handicrafts.Chefchaouen on the old road to Larache. There is also a ruined mosque built by the Spanish, with stairs still in the tower. During the drive back to Fes, you can enjoy nice view of Rif Mountains.Tour Includes- Pick You-up from Your Hotel in fes
1 day
Day Trips & Excursions

Day Tour to the Ancient Roman City of Lixus Via Asilah from Tangier

The Tour will take you on day trip to 3 different places,  starting with the  Panoramic tour of Tangier, then Asilah  and end the tour with Lixus site and Larache. On the tour we will given the apportunity to visit  both sites, the Cap Sparel where the 2 Seas meet together  the Atlantic ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea,  Hercules caves site for visit and plenty of photo opportunities there. According to the Greek mythology, the Hercules rested here after digging the Strait of Gibraltar. stop in Asilah for visit and break coffee. Afterward, head towards the Lixus Site the Archaeological site of Lixus which was part of a chain of Phoenician  is situated next to the city of Larache (visit the city of Larache for approximately an hour). This site originates from the Phoenician period and was a major port for the Romans as well as an industrial site where Garum, a fish sauce, was produced to be exported to Rome.
8 hours