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Hassan I Airport is 1.5km southwest of Laayoune. Flights from Agadir to Dakhla sometimes transit here.

Binter Canarias ( flies to/from various destinations in the Canary Islands, and Royal Air Maroc ( has flights to/from Casablanca, Agadir and Dakhla.


Buses mostly leave from the offices towards the southern end of Blvd de Mekka; however, a new bus station located to the west of central Laayoune was awaiting completion at the time of research.

Book ahead for daily CTM departures to Agadir (Dh240, 11 hours), Dakhla (Dh175, eight hours), Goulimime (Dh170, seven hours), Marrakesh (Dh350, 14 hours), Tan Tan (Dh130, five hours) and Tiznit (Dh210, nine hours). Supratours services cost slightly more than CTM's; SATAS services cost the same or marginally less.


Grand-taxi services include Tarfaya (Dh45), Tan Tan (Dh150), Goulimime (Dh200), Inezgane (for Agadir, Dh220) and Dakhla (Dh200).