Imlil is the main trekking base for Jebel Toubkal and the whole town caters to trekkers and their needs. Ascents to the summit leave daily from here, although the traffic in high season may rub the edge off that lone-mountain-ranger fantasy. To escape the well-worn path consider trekking southwest over Tizi n'Mzik (2489m) to the wonderful Cascades d'Irhoulidene near Azib Tamsoult and either ascending the Toubkal summit from the west (covered on Days 6 and 7 of the Toubkal Circuit trek), or heading east down the unspoilt Azzadan Valley.

If you arrive without having made arrangements, head to the bureau des guides and let them know your requirements and they'll hook you up with a guide for a fixed-price rate (Dh300/400 per half/full day). Guides speak a range of languages, including French, English, German and Spanish.

If you are really short on time, you can easily walk to the village of Aroumd and back in a few hours; follow the mule track along the western edge of the Mizane river.