Shopping in High Atlas Mountains

  • Shopping in Central High Atlas

    Women's Cooperative of Aït Bououli

    This is a 40-member cooperative that takes every aspect of carpet-making into its own hands: tending and shearing sheep; carding and spinning fluffy lambswool into yarn; and collecting plants to dye yarn rich hues. Look for a sign pointing just off the valley road around 2.5km west of Sebt Aït Bououli, below the village of Assameur. The members also take turns minding the shop, so you’ll be buying carpets from the woman who made it, her sister or her neighbour. If you find the door closed, which is likely as the opening hours are somewhat of a suggestion, just call the director and she’ll come down from the village to open the small storeroom.

  • Shopping in Imlil

    Atlas Extreme

    This small shop carries an impressive variety of trekking and climbing equipment, including hard-to-find butane canisters for camping stoves and a small selection of maps.

  • Shopping in Ait Bougmez Valley

    Cooperative Tikniouine

    This cooperative was formed in 2005 by plucky young women who secured EU funding to start cultivating organic walnuts, collecting mountain wildflower honey, and making their own mild, aged cow's-milk cheese, which tastes like a cross between gouda and emmental. At the cooperative’s centre, which now employs 17 women full time, you can sample and purchase the products. However, operating hours are a suggestion at best, so you may have to try several times before you find it open. It is signposted off the main road just west of the Gîte Timit.