High Atlas Mountains attractions

Top Choice Museum in Tnine

Ecomusée Berbere

Four kilometres after Tnine, a discreet sign points up a dirt path into the Amazigh (Berber) village of Tafza: here the three-storey mud-brick ksar (fortified village) that once housed the local qaid (chief) is now …
Top Choice Gardens in Ourika Valley

Anima Garden

Nestled in the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, Anima Garden is a space designed by multimedia artist André Heller. Surprising sculptures referencing local and international themes are hidden amongst the shady…
Top Choice Mosque in Ijoukak

Tin Mal Mosque

This Almohad-era mosque was built in 1156 in honour of the dynasty’s strict spiritual leader, Mohammed Ibn Tumart, and it remains an architectural wonder. The mosque is still used for Friday prayers, but on other da…
Top Choice Historic Building in Zaouiat Ahansal

Ait Sidi Moulay Igherm

The largest building in Zaouiat Ahansal dominates the surrounding village. Still home to the saint's descendants, the village's oldest building also serves as a hostel to pilgrims who visit the area.
Waterfall in Ouzoud Falls

Cascades d'Ouzoud

The many-tiered Cascades d’Ouzoud are stunningly beautiful, with several distinct falls, the largest a massive 100m drop. The area is also one of the most popular day trips from Marrakesh, so be prepared to not have…
Gardens in Tnine

Safranerie de l'Ourika

Almost anything thrives in Ourika’s rich soil, including saffron, organically grown here from bulbs that are cultivated near Talouine. Saffron is a high-maintenance plant, with flowers harvested before dawn for maxi…
Islamic Shrine in Timit

Zawiya of Sidi Moussa

For a spectacular sunset, climb the steep but straightforward trail up to the zawiya (shrine) of Sidi Moussa, a local marabout (saint), on a conical hilltop at the centre of the valley. Look for the trailhead just o…
Gardens in Tnine

Jardin Bio-Aromatique d'Ourika

The organic botanical gardens of a Franco-Moroccan bath-product company combining Amazigh (Berber) herbal remedies with modern aromatherapy make for pleasant wandering, and they certainly smell great. With reservati…
Market in Tabant

Sunday Souq

The valley's weekly market takes place on Sunday and offers a great insight into valley life. Traders and shoppers start arriving in Tabant on Saturday evening, 'parking' their donkeys at the top of town. Expect an …
Mountain in Reserve Naturelle de Tamga

Cathédrale des Rochers

The most-famous peak of the Reserve Naturelle de Tamga absolutely dominates the surrounding landscape – supposedly in the same manner great cathedrals dominate their cities, hence the name 'Cathedral of the Rocks'. …