Distinctive local carpets (a mix of flat-weave and thick pile), with their extraordinary zigzagging patterns and bold colour schemes of red, orange and blue, are hung all around Tazenakht. You can purchase one, or simply browse, at Agence de L'Artisanat or Jemaite Tifawin Carpet Cooperative.

The Ideal Date

For prime date selection, head to Tinzouline, about 56km south of Agdz, during the September to November date season. You’re getting close when you spot vendors with dates overflowing from palm-frond baskets along the Zagora road. You may run into traffic for the Monday souq, where you’ll be elbow to elbow with local grandmothers vying for the best local-speciality boufeggou dates. This is a date to remember: nicely caramelised outside by the desert sun, and tender and savoury-sweet inside.

If you’re not visiting the valley in autumn, you still have a standing dessert date in Timidarte, where local dates become Slow Food sensations at Timarine Tijara. Head past historic mudbrick kasbahs, through the garden of a traditional family home, and into a spotless white-tiled kitchen with a single industrial cauldron bubbling merrily away and a dozen jars of Timarine Tijara’s signature date jam and tahalout (date syrup).