Train Station in Fez

Train Station

Fez's shiny new train station is in the ville nouvelle, a 10-minute walk northwest of Place Florence. There's no longer any left luggage at the station, but there's an ATM, some snack shops and decent cafes with wi-…
Bus Station in Fez

Gare Routière

Non-CTM buses depart from the main bus station outside Bab El Mahrouk. Fares are slightly less than CTM and reservations can be made for popular routes. It has a left-luggage facility.
Car Hire in Fez


A reliable transport and vehicle-hire company, offering services from airport pick-ups (Dh170) to day trips from Fez and longer hires.
Airport in Fez

Fes-Saïss Airport

Fes-Saïss Airport is 15km south of the city.
Taxi in Fez

Petits Taxis

Taxi in Fez

Petits Taxis