Must-see nightlife in Medina

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    Chez Abdellah

    Tiled floor to ceiling, this is less a tea shop than a decorative box, a kind of tiny theatre in which the voluble Abdellah, a born showman, mixes teas to…

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    One of the most elegant places for a cocktail (Dh120) in all of Fez, the gorgeous courtyard bar at Riad Fès drips with atmosphere: the stucco columns…

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    El Khmissa

    A cold beer is hard to come by in the medina, but this four-storey place delivers, along with the requisite mint tea and fresh juices. At ground level it…

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    Cafe Maure

    Head upstairs to this impeccably old cafe, where water for your mint tea is boiled in a copper urn that's set over a wood fire and pumped with bellows …

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    Crémerie La Place

    Place As Seffarine is one of the most interesting spots in the medina, and this cafe is a prime place to watch the square's coppersmiths, over juice, tea,…

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    British Saloon

    Craving a bar scene in the medina? Head for Hotel Batha's two drinking dens. The dark, wood-panelled indoor bar recalls the building's former history as a…

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    Cafe Kortoba

    Up against the wall of the venerable Kairaouine Mosque, this 1940s-look coffee bar, with dapper old waiters in white shirts, seems ever so modern. It's a…