Fez in detail


North of the Medina

Viewed from the surrounding hills, Fez’s jumbled buildings merge into a palette of white-flecked sandstone. Only here and there do the green-tiled roofs of the mosques and medersas (schools for study of the Quran) provide a hint of colour.

Signposted City

There are a series of well-signed self-guided walks through the old city; each highlights different aspects of traditional Fez:

Blue Knowledge and learning

Brown Monuments and souqs

Green Palaces and Andalusian gardens

Orange Walls and ramparts

Purple Fez El Jdid

Red Artisanal crafts

The overhead signs are easy to follow, showing the direction of the next major landmark, and there are excellent English information boards at regular intervals. For an overview of the different trails, visit the main route map info board just off Talaa Kebira, where the Ain-Azleten parking is.