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Jimi Hendrix: Castles of Sand or Pie in the Sky?

There are plenty of stories told about Jimi Hendrix in Essaouira. That the musician lived here on and off for a few years in the 1960s. That he owned a riad in which you can now stay, or maybe it’s a restaurant in which you can eat. That he stayed in quite a few other riads, or a campervan, or perhaps a tent. That he tried to buy Île de Mogador and composed 'Castles Made of Sand' here. Even that he sired various children and shared a room with Timothy Leary.

Put simply, these stories are all bunkum. Hendrix visited Morocco once only, for about a week, in July 1969, and two or three days of this were spent in Essaouira. But he didn’t even bring a guitar. This was 18 months after the album containing the song 'Castles Made of Sand' was released.