Cinema in Tangier

Cinema Rif

In this fine, well-restored art-deco building you’ll find both indie and mainstream films, mostly American, Moroccan, Spanish or French (with Spanish and American films typically dubbed into Arabic).
Cinema in Ville Nouvelle

Le Colisée

The plushest cinema in the central city, Le Colisée, near Rue Mohammed el-Beqal, has Dolby sound and a mixed-gender, Moroccan and foreign resident crowd. Films are sometimes in the original language (including Engli…
Cinema in Casablanca

Imax Theatre

Located at glitzy Morocco Mall, this cinema concentrates on Hollywood blockbusters.
Cinema in Casablanca


The plushest cinema in town, this huge complex in Ain Diab has four comfortable theatres that are usually packed.
Cinema in Rabat

Cinéma Renaissance

This large cinema complex on the main drag shows mainstream Hollywood flicks.
Cinema in Rabat

Cinéma du 7ème Art

Art-house cinema screening Moroccan, Middle Eastern and European films.
Cinema in Casablanca

Cinéma Rialto

A classic single-screen cinema dating from the 1930s. Concerts are also staged here.
Cinema in Casablanca

Cinéma Lynx

Spacious and comfortable, with a good sound system.