Historic Site in El Jadida

Cité Portugaise

Inscribed on Unesco's World Heritage list in 2004, the Cité Portugaise was one of the early settlements built by the Portuguese in West Africa. Dating from the early 16th century and originally called Mazagan, it is…
Notable Building in El Jadida

Portuguese Cistern

On the main street of the cité, amid the souvenir shops, is this atmospheric vaulted cistern lit by a single shaft of light. Built in the early 16th century, it is famous as the eerie location for the dramatic riot …
Church in El Jadida

Church of the Assumption

One of the most prominent of the fortress' surviving Portuguese buildings is this early 16th-century church, which was built in the Manueline (Portuguese late Gothic) style of architecture. It was recently converted…
Landmark in El Jadida

Communal Bakery

The neatly stacked piles of firewood outside this communal bakery in the cité signal its historic and present use.
Viewpoint in El Jadida

Bastion de L'Ange

This lookout on El Jadida's ramparts is an excellent vantage point, with views over the sea, Ville Nouvelle and port.
Landmark in El Jadida

Porte de la Mer

This is the original sea gate where ships unloaded their cargo and from where the Portuguese finally departed.
Viewpoint in El Jadida


Entered via the ramp next to the Sea Gate.
Viewpoint in El Jadida

Bastion de St Sébastian

Lookout on El Jadida's ramparts, near the ruined synagogue.
Mosque in El Jadida

Grand Mosque

Notable for its unique pentagonal-shaped minaret.
Synagogue in El Jadida


Located near the Bastion de St Sébastian, this ruined synagogue still sports a Star of David on its facade.