Draa Valley shopping

Arts & Crafts in Draa Valley

Agence de L'Artisanat

You can skip the middlemen and browse fixed-price local carpets inside the government-run Agence de L'Artisanat, within a walled compound on your right as you enter the town from the south.
Market in M’Hamid

Monday Souq

You'll need to go early to this small Monday market, as by the heat of high noon it's largely finished. It's on your right as you enter town, opposite the water tower.
Food in Timidarte

Timarine Tijara

Timidarte is becoming a magnet for foodies with this artisan producer of date jam and syrup – call ahead for tastings and bargain purchases.
Arts & Crafts in Draa Valley

Jemaite Tifawin Carpet Cooperative

Gorgeous carpets await discovery at Jemaite Tifawin Carpet Cooperative in the village of Anzal. If you phone a week in advance, they'll happily organise a studio visit and show you how to create natural dyes and spi…