Top choice guesthouse in Demnate

Stepped into the hillside overlooking Demnate and shaded by flourishing gardens filled with banana, pomegranate and olive trees, Tizouit is a labour of love and it shows. Henri and Nadja have created an idyllic escape in this superb ecolodge with its eight individual cottage rooms (each with its own private terrace), natural biological pond and luxurious native planting scheme.

A relaxed, Euro-ethnic vibe – combining raffia rugs, Moroccan antiques and textiles and squashy European sofas – characterises the living areas and rooms where patio doors open onto sun-kissed views of Demnate's ancient olive groves. Activities are naturally laid-back: long, leisurely walks along ancient irrigation channels to Imi n'Ifri's grotto (Tizouit's four-legged assistant, Charlie, may come with you), or treks in dinosaur footprints at Aït Blel.