Shopping in Dadès Valley

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    La Poterie Chez La Famille Kabor

    Down the hill, 1km from Chez Talout, three generations of the same family handcraft earthen bread ovens and elegant urns, along with easier-to-transport cups, bowls and plates. Super-friendly Mohamed demonstrates the ancient process, from vigorously crushing the clay with a wooden bat to working the wheel with the heel of his foot. A fun experience for all ages. There's also a small women's cooperative nearby making bright handwoven rugs and crocheted items; ask Mohamed to show you.

  • Shopping in Todra Gorge

    Berber Carpets

    This cooperative in the Auberge Royal Palmas sells a range of handmade carpets, from simple kilims to more elaborate pieces that took many months to create. You can watch the women weavers in action, and there's little pressure to buy. Prices range from Dh500 to more than Dh15,000. Credit cards accepted and shipping available.

  • Shopping in Dadès Gorge

    Association Gorge du Dadès

    Tufted carpets are made at this weaving cooperative, but soft kilim blankets made with undyed, extra-fluffy lambswool are signature pieces. The women are introducing nonchemical dyes made from local walnut shells (brown), onion skins (yellow) and poppies (black). Items are sold at fixed prices and the weaver is paid directly.

  • Shopping in Skoura

    Skoura Cultural Centre

    At this small space, Skoura residents sell items made with palm fronds, sustainably harvested without harming the trees. For travellers who’ve admired one of Morocco’s most majestic palm groves, these sun hats, bread baskets, mats and lanterns make meaningful mementos, while purchases support the centre’s palm preservation efforts. It’s 300m on the left after the Skoura crossroads to Toundoute.