Dadès Valley restaurants

Cafe in Todra Gorge

Poisson Sacrée

About 9km up the gorge, on the edge of the palmeraie (palm grove), this small cafe is perched beside a spring-fed pool that is full of freshwater fish. It makes a fine stop for refreshments when passing through the …
Moroccan in Dadès Gorge

Hotel Restaurant Timzzillite

At the top of the gorge, this busy restaurant (sometimes full of tour groups) offers magnificent views – which the food doesn't quite match. Still, it's worth popping in for a drink (there's also a fresh-squeezed or…
Moroccan in Boumalne Dades

Restaurant Oussikis

Inside the souq plaza on your left, you’ll spot chef Fadil Faska in his spotless open kitchen transforming fresh, local ingredients into savoury tajines, flaky pastilla (savoury-sweet pie) or quick, satisfying salad…
Moroccan in Dadès Gorge

Le Jardin de Source

Quick lunches at this garden restaurant near the mouth of the gorge include flavourful vegetarian options, omelettes and marinated turkey kebabs. Several good-value rooms (Dh250 per person, including half-board) are…
Moroccan in Boumalne Dades

Hôtel-Restaurant Adrar

This clean place, handy to the bus station, serves popular, filling meals of salads and brochettes or the local speciality, gallia (game hen) tajine.
Supermarket in Tinerhir

Chez Michelle Supermarket

Excellent range of trekking provisions and snacks, and the only place that sells alcohol.
Cafe in Tinerhir

Café des Amis

Café des Amis serves excellent brochettes and simple Moroccan dishes.
Cafe in Tinerhir

Café Central

Café Central serves simple Moroccan dishes.