Dadès Gorge attractions

Natural Feature in Dadès Gorge

Tamlalt Valley

Eighteen kilometres from Boumalne brings you to extraordinary red rock formations that look like wax, melting right into the green carpet of the palmeraie (palm grove) below Aït Arbi. They’re known locally as Les Do…
Historic Building in Dadès Gorge

Aït Youl

Those art-deco tourism posters you’ll see all over Morocco showing a red-and-white kasbah in a rocky oasis aren’t exaggerating: just 6.5km into the gorge the old Glaoui kasbah of Aït Youl is set against a lush backd…
Gorge in Dadès Gorge

Gorge de Miguirne

Cresting over a small pass, 14km from Boumalne, is the hidden Gorge de Miguirne, which joins the Dadès Gorge from the south. It offers a pleasant half-day hike amid its springs and rock pools. Ask at your guesthouse…