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Top Choice Moroccan in Chefchaouen

Auberge Dardara Restaurant

This is the best restaurant in the area, and worth the 10-minute drive from town (to Bab Taza, Dh5). The Tangerine owner uses only the freshest ingredients from the garden, bakes his own bread and makes his own goat…
Cafe in Chefchaouen

Bab el-Ansar Café

Set into the outside wall of the medina, this cafe has a great location overlooking the falls of Ras el-Maa, with three terraces tumbling down the hill. Views are particularly nice in the late afternoon, with the su…
Moroccan in Chefchaouen

La Lampe Magique

This magical place overlooking Plaza Uta el-Hammam serves delicious Moroccan staples in a grand setting. Three bright-blue floors include a laid-back lounge, a more formal dining area and a rooftop terrace. The menu…
Patisserie in Chefchaouen

Chez Aziz

For a great selection of pastries, make your way here. Pizzas and paninis are also on the menu. They squeeze a mean juice and make good coffee too, for a quick breakfast on the run.
Moroccan in Chefchaouen

Plaza Café-Restaurants

It's hard to make a choice between the dozen or so cafes on the main square. Menus are virtually identical – continental breakfasts, soups and salads, tajines and seafood – but the food is generally pretty good and …
International in Chefchaouen

Restaurant Les Raisins

A bit out of the way, this family-run place is a perennial favourite with locals and tourists alike, and known for its couscous royal. Late, lazy lunches are the best, with the front terrace catching the afternoon s…
Bar in Chefchaouen

Bar Oum-Rabiá

A very masculine option.
Mosque in Chefchaouen

Grande Mosquée

The plaza is dominated by the red-hued walls of the kasbah and the adjacent Grande Mosquée. Noteworthy for its unusual octagonal tower, the Grande Mosquée was built in the 15th century by the son of the town’s found…
Landmark in Chefchaouen


The kasbah is a heavily restored walled fortress that now contains a lovely garden, a small Ethnographic Museum, and an even smaller art gallery, currently being restored. The ethnographic museum contains some fasci…
Medina in Chefchaouen


Chefchaouen’s medina is one of the loveliest in Morocco. Small and uncrowded, it’s easy to explore, with enough winding paths to keep you diverted, but compact enough that you’ll never get too lost. Most of the buil…