Ceuta attractions

Top Choice Landmark in Ceuta

Plaza de Africa

This is the charming heart of Ceuta, with manicured tropical plantings, a square of cobblestone streets and some of the city’s finest architecture.
Top Choice Architecture in Ceuta

Royal Walls

The most impressive sight in Ceuta is the medieval Royal Walls, dating back to the 5th century. These extensive fortifications, of great strategic complexity, have been beautifully restored, with information boards …
Park in Ceuta

Parque Marítimo del Mediterráneo

This creative maritime park is a real hit in the summer, and perfect for families. One of several parks developed by the artist and architect César Manrique, it borrows the city-walls theme to construct a huge pool …
Museum in Ceuta

Museo de la Basilica Tardorromana

This superbly executed underground museum is integrated into the architectural remains of an ancient basilica discovered during street work in the 1980s, including a bridge over open tombs, skeletons included. The a…
Museum in Ceuta

Museo de la Legión

This intriguing museum is dedicated to and run by the Spanish Legion, an army unit set up in 1920 that played a pivotal role in Franco’s republican army. Loaded to the gills with memorabilia, weaponry and uniforms, …
Architecture in Ceuta

Casa de Los Dragones

The Casa de los Dragones on Plaza de los Reyes is a fantastic dream that has entered the real world. This former home is an extraordinary example of eclectic architecture, with Moorish arches, polished brick facades…
Museum in Ceuta

Museo de los Muralles Reales

This gallery houses temporary art exhibitions. Squeezed out of the fort's unforgiving architecture, it's a beautifully designed space, worth visiting irrespective of what's on – although if you’re lucky enough to ca…
Architecture in Ceuta

Palacio de Asamblea

A striking 19th-century building with an elegant dome and clock, that served as both palace and city hall.
Church in Ceuta

Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Africa

The striking yellow Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Africa is an 18th-century Andalusian-style church.
Cathedral in Ceuta

Cathedral Santa Maria de la Asuncion

This 17th-century, twin-spired cathedral has been recently restored.