Cultural in Dadès Gorge

Marriage Moussem

Just another striking Middle Atlas Berber village most of the year, Imilchil is flooded with visitors during its three-day marriage moussem (festival) in September. At this huge festival, local Berbers scope the sce…
Sports in Ouarzazate

Marathon des Sables

This gruelling six-day, 250km desert ultramarathon changes course each year, and is revealed when runners converge in Ouarzazate.
Cultural in Aghmat


Aghmat's big event happens in April when it hosts a colourful outdoor festival of theatre, dance and cabaret.
Religious in Demnate

Hamdouchi Moussem

Demnate has two zawiyas (Islamic religious shrines), making the annual Hamdouchi Moussem in September twice as raucous. Pilgrims visiting each zawiya dance to a different rhythm in an all-day music festival in the t…
Religious in Zagora

Moussem of Sufi Moulay Abdelkader Jilali

This moussem (festival in honour of a saint), which takes place at the same time as Mawlid An Nabi (the Prophet Muhammad's birthday), is the Draa's biggest shindig. Members of the Sufi Jilala brotherhood make a pilg…
Sports in Toubkal National Park

Toubkal Marathon

In early October runners of the Toubkal Marathon scamper 42km up and down Jebel Toubkal. For extreme ultramarathoners, the organisers tacked a 106km High Atlas trail onto the marathon, calling it the Toubkal Trail.
Religious in Demnate

Jewish Moussem

Hundreds of Jewish families from Morocco, France, Israel, Canada and the US arrive each July for the Jewish moussem, a weeklong mystical event said to offer miracle cures.
Cultural in Errachidia

Festival du Desert

Errachidia's enormous theatre hosts performers from throughout the Sahara every May.
Cultural in Ouarzazate

Moussem of Sidi Daoud

The moussem (festival in honour of a saint) of Sidi Daoud is held in Ouarzazate each August.