Bus tickets cost Dh4 and there are at designated stops along each bus route; see http://mdinabus.ma/docs/Lignesbus.pdf for details. Travellers are likely to find the new tramway or petits taxis much more useful.

Car & Motorcycle

Parking meters (Dh2 per hour, two hours maximum) operate from 8am to noon and 2pm to 7pm daily, except on Sunday and public holidays. If you don’t pay, you may be fined or have your wheels clamped. On unmetered streets a guard will often request a tip for watching your car; it is common practice to pay Dh5.


Casablanca’s red petits taxis will get you to your destination faster than the tram or bus and are hailed on the street.

The fare for a short trip starts at Dh15, and drivers will often stop to collect other passengers along the way. Drivers rarely if ever use the meter, so be sure to negotiate the fare before getting into the taxi. Prices rise by 50% after 8pm.

Have plenty of small coins to hand, and check your change.


The excellent Casa Tramway (www.casatramway.ma) makes getting across the city a simple and comfortable exercise.

The most useful section of line for travellers is from Casa Voyageurs train station to Place Mohammed V, via the Marché Central and Place des Nations Unies. Trams also go to Ain Diab (about 35 minutes from central Casablanca).

Trams runs every 15 minutes, with the first and last departures from the termini at 5.30am and 10.30pm.

Tickets are Dh7 for a single trip, bought from easy-to-use machines on the platforms (multiple-journey tickets are also available).