The medina – the oldest part of town – is tiny and sits in the north of the city close to the port. To the south of the medina is Place des Nations Unies, a large traffic junction that marks the heart of the city. The city’s main streets branch out from here: Ave des Forces Armées Royales (Ave des FAR), Ave Moulay Hassan I, Blvd Mohammed V and Blvd Houphouët Boigny.

Ave Hassan II leads to Place Mohammed V, easily recognised by its grand art deco administrative buildings. Quartiers Gauthier and Maarif, west and southwest of the Parc de la Ligue Arabe, are home to upmarket housing, restaurants, cafes and retail outlets.

To the southeast is the Quartier Habous (also known as the Nouvelle Medina) and to the west is Ain Diab, the beachfront suburb whose Corniche is home to upmarket hotels, restaurants and nightclubs.