Casablanca entertainment

Performing Arts in Casablanca

Les Anciens Abattoirs de Casablanca

The old city abattoirs, an art deco complex built in 1922, was transformed into a cultural centre dubbed the Culture Factory in 2008. Located near Casa Voyageurs railway station, the centre hosts exhibitions and per…
Cinema in Casablanca

IMAX Theatre

Located at glitzy Morocco Mall, this cinema concentrates on Hollywood blockbusters.
Cinema in Casablanca


The plushest cinema in town, this huge complex in Ain Diab has four comfortable theatres that are usually packed.
Theatre in Casablanca

Complexe Culturel Sidi Belyout

This 200-seat theatre hosts plays (usually in Arabic) and the occasional music recital or dance performance.
Cinema in Casablanca

Cinéma Rialto

A classic single-screen cinema dating from the 1930s. Concerts are also staged here.