Asilah in detail

Flights & getting there

Few intercity buses stop in Asilah so most locals use grands taxis or the train when travelling to other Moroccan destinations.


The bus station is opposite the Shell petrol station on the Tangier–Rabat road, but few intercity buses stop here. The only useful and regular services are on local company Alsa to Tangier (Dh7) and on Supratours to Tetouan (DH35, 2¼ hours).


Grands taxis to Tangier (Dh20) and Larache (Dh20) depart when full from a stand near the Shell petrol station on the Tangier–Rabat road. A taxi to Tangier’s airport (only 26km from Asilah) costs Dh250.


The train station is 3km north of Asilah, (Dh10 in a petit taxi). Destinations include the following:

Fez 1st/2nd class Dh136/92, four hours, four daily

Marrakesh 1st/2nd class Dh196/301, 9½ hours. One overnight train goes direct to Marrakesh, but this train originates in Tangier, so buy your ticket in advance.

Rabat 1st/2nd class Dh130/88, three hours, eight daily

Tangier 1st/2nd class Dh27/16, 50 minutes, 12 daily